Deepen with your community while learning a practical, new skill. 
Great for teams, organizations, and social groups looking for a fun, yet meaningful way to strengthen relationships, gain understanding, and explore themselves

Group Workshops are offered in two formats

Reiki Intro

In this 2-hour Introduction to Reiki, we briefly combine both lecture and activity. We explore what reiki is as a concept, as well as what it looks and feels like in practice. We discuss how and why it's helpful, its many uses, and why the average Jane or Joe would learn. We begin to feel energy, ground, and give ourselves a treatment.

This is a great first teaser if you're interested in knowing more about reiki and not yet sure if you want to learn to use it in.

Note: We do not give reiki attunements in the intro. An attunement passes the ability to practice reiki from teacher to student. This is covered in our Reiki 1 class with more knowledge and practice.

Reiki 1 Class

In this day-long Level 1 Reiki Class, we combine both lecture and activity in a much more robust way than in our Intro. We explore what reiki is in concept and in practice, and how it is passed on (by attunement). We discuss the history of reiki, reiki's principles, and the differences between class levels 1, 2, and 3. We learn how to feel energy, to flow energy through the hands, and to sense where energy is needed. We practice grounding, setting energetic boundaries, and clearing energy. We learn how to use reiki on oneself and others, both intuitively and with hand positions, and take turns on the massage table, practicing giving and receiving.

Students receive the reiki attunement, which passes on the ability to use reiki from teacher to student. This allows us to practice reiki in a much stronger way, without using our own energy.

Either format can be altered to fit your desired event.

Who we work with

Reiki Workshop Startup


Are you a business-minded, heart-centered company? Learn Reiki at your next team offsite. Deepen with your team or org while learning a practical, new skill.

The best team offsite (or onsite) to get to know each other, strengthen communication skills and interpersonal relationships, and get outside comfort zones. You'll be amazed by the shift in team dynamics, productivity, and problem-solving in the office!

Reiki Workshop Wellness Center

Wellness Centers

Gyms, Yoga Studios, & Fitness Boutiques

A Wellness Center these days is so much more than a place to workout. This is a space to quiet your mind, to push your pre-conceived limits, and to be with community.

Hosting a reiki evening or weekend class is a beautiful way to support your members in their holistic growth and engage them beyond their usual fitness schedule.

Reiki Workshop Student Teen Groups

Student & Social Groups

Children, Teens, & Young Adults

Giving a young person the ability to help themselves in a time of pain or crisis is a wonderful gift of self-empowerment. Learning reiki can help with confidence, self-worth, behavioral challenges, and problem-solving. 

Ages 6-110! Parents of younger children welcome.

Reiki Workshop Private Event

Private Events

If you're looking for the theme of your next hosted gathering, whether it's an informal night in or a quarterly event, look no further. Learning reiki as an intimate group of friends or interest group is a great way to bond beyond the typical happy hour.


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People were more aware after

My company hosted a Reiki Intro with Angela for anyone that was interested in learning about it. I find myself on the more spiritual side anyways, so of course I went, but I was shocked to see people go that I would have not expected. The class was really powerful, and people were willing to open up in a way I haven't seen in a corporate setting. There was a different air in the office after the class. People were more aware of themselves and their words and actions, which trickled to those that hadn't even been there. We'll be having Angela back to teach the full Reiki 1 Class. 

- M.M., Individual Contributor

Nothing short of a miracle

"I brought in Angela to teach a Reiki 1 Class to my team of 8 reports. We had had some behavioral differences between members, and I was willing to try something out of the ordinary. Angela facilitated a workshop that allowed everyone to show up as their real selves (something I had not seen from my team possibly ever). As a result, we had some incredible breakthroughs in how we relate to and understand one another, during and after the class. I know this would not have happened for us otherwise- nothing short of what I would call an office  miracle."

- S.H., Manager

Self-care wasn't something I thought about

"Angela taught a Reiki Intro to a teen group I am a part of. It was super cool to learn about reiki and its history, and we all liked being able to feel the energy. Angela taught us about self-care, which is something I hadn't really thought about, but now I know is really important as I head into high school and we all try to deal with stress. She gave us specific ways to use reiki that are relevant to us and easy to practice, which made this class very helpful. Thanks, Angela."

- A.J., Teenager