What is Reiki?

Among all healing systems, Reiki is one of the most simple and profound. In concept, Reiki means “universal energy” in a Japanese, like qi or chi. We are referring to the same bio-energy that the sun uses to shine, the plants use to grow, and our cells use to regenerate.

In practice, Reiki is the laying on of hands to heal. In Reiki we learn to move this bio-energy at a concentrated rate, through our hands and to different parts of our body, to calm stress, relieve physical aches and pain, and balance emotions. When we are imbalanced, by placing our hands on various parts of the body, we can give ourselves the extra energy boost we need, allowing our bodies to innately heal themselves from within.

Because it is pure energy, and the world on a molecular level is made up of energy, Reiki works on the mental, emotional, and physical planes and cannot distinguish between them. You may start Reiki to ease a physical imbalance and find that your mental or emotional path shift, as well.

As a recipient of Reiki, you may feel a deep relaxation and calm. For many, our eyelids grow heavy and it feels as if we’ve moved to a meditative state. Whether you are practicing Reiki yourself or receiving Reiki from another, you may feel heat, cooling, or tingling where our hands meet the body.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an umbrella term for global, indigenous healing techniques. Shamanism is one of the oldest traditions in our human heritage and native to all of us. As humans, we each have some form of shamanic practice in our ancestral line.

Shaman served their community by keeping their tribes or clans safe, healthy, happy, and connected to the natural world. When our ancestors were unsure of weather patterns, where to hunt for game, or how to help the sick or injured, Shaman used specific tools and techniques to gather information for survival and healing that are still used today in indigenous cultures on every continent. Today we are is relearning these shared technologies and applying them in contemporary ways.

My favorite circumstances to employ shamanism are: shifting an emotionally-charged situation to neutral, bringing back lost power from unhealthy relationship dynamics, and reintegrating dissociated pieces of us caused by trauma.

How are Reiki and Shamanism similar?

I view Reiki as a subset of Shamanism- one tool in the Shamanism toolkit. This work supports every healing journey from intense periods of transition, disease, and spiritual awakening, to times of burnout, stress, and challenge. They complement every modality, including western medicine. Reiki and Shamanism are never contraindicated, whether you’re working with medication, talk therapy, physical therapy, chemotherapy, etc. Literally, everyone benefits from Reiki and Shamanism– no matter who we are, what we’re working on, or what’s happening now or has happened in the past. Simply, Reiki is a particular high vibration of energy- some say ‘love.’ And love and compassion toward ourselves are appropriate in every situation.

How can Reiki and Shamanism help?


  • Releasing stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD
  • Clearing unhelpful behaviors, habits, & triggers
  • Supporting a life transition
  • Manifesting a new job, partner, or home


  • Healing trauma, grief, & sadness
  • Releasing emotionally-charged feelings
  • Improving confidence, love, and acceptance with the self, a partner, parent, or child
  • Increasing energy, joy, & love for life


  • Relieving chronic conditions & pain
  • Recovering from illness, injury, or surgery
  • Releasing addictions & insomnia
  • Clearing energies that aren’t yours


I love Angela's work!

I love Angela's work! She is an extremely talented with sharp intuitive skills-- I noticed that she found the areas of pain in my body right away without me saying anything. She balanced this intuition with practical insight and suggestions for healing, which proved to be spot-on! I wholeheartedly recommend seeing her.

- S.G.

I came with low self-esteem.

I had the pleasure to work with Angela, transformed and restored by her healing hands and deep love. I came to her with self-esteem issues related to my job. I left renewed and have continued to feel the positive effects of our work together. She created such a safe space, and I immediately felt open. Angela has the gift to profoundly change lives.”

- C.V.

I'm your typical, skeptical male.

"I'll call myself your typical, skeptical male, who was referred to Angela by a friend. I've got a busy mind and a lot of physical issues. I didn't expect to feel so relaxed! Don't know how she does it, but Angela was able to pick up on things I've never even told my best friends. I was so impressed, I went back for round 2. Thanks Angela, for my initiation to 'woo.'"

- R.M.

Looking for a Reiki and Shamanism Session? 

Teaching Reiki is my main focus, although I am more than delighted to have a session with you. For availability and pricing, please get in touch.