"The Development Program" is a self-driven, online platform and community
to help you understand and overcome just how much that negative head voice and
past drama and trauma are affecting every facet of your life- your career, relationships
of all kinds, your health, habits, and behaviors.

The Development Program provides the space to redefine who you are, 
and rebuild the way you relate to yourself and your life exactly as you'd like.
You name it- let’s change it.

Who we work with

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People Like You

Our Best-Selling Program

Our original Development Program was built for people just like you, who realized by taking a step back that their lives could be a heck of a lot better if they ditched that mean voice in their head and shed that stuff from the past that was holding them back.

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The Executive, Manager, and Business Professional

For the business professional who is interested in a deep dive of self that includes the context of their work, understanding and shifting how their performance, success, and happiness is being affected by their current programming.

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Coming Early 2019.

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Teens & Families

Coming Early 2019.