How we help your company

Leadership Development

Offsite Facilitation

  • Helping your team gain clarity and alignment- each knows exactly what they are working toward collectively to guarantee the highest possible level of success.
  • Ensuring your next strategy session is following best practices and fulfills its purpose.


  • Being a trusted advisor- guiding you in strengthening your backhand and providing a sounding board.
  • Acting as an accountability coach, keeping both yourself and company true to their word on what you've set out to accomplish.

Group Dynamics


  • Building inter-personal trust and cooperation between teammates for the successful achievement of the organization's goals.
  • Teaching employees to manage conflict in a positive way, confronting problems (and productively) instead of avoiding them.


  • Working with departments and committees to help plan and implement significant changes to process, culture, etc.
  • Increasing commitment in every team member, fostering participation, responsibility, and buy-in.

Large-Scale Change

Process Design

  • Helping a group to identify a key issue, gather information, and outline needed actions plans.
  • Analyzing a current flow to determine whether there is a better way.


  • Aligning employees with the vision of the organization.
  • Creating an atmosphere in which employees work and participate enthusiastically.

What is Organization Development (OD)?

WHAT WE DO: We support leaders and their teams. 

Many of our potential clients come to us with the notion that we will fix whatever their issue is for them. After all, we are the experts! We are experts who understand how to create and facilitate human processes that will support leaders in identifying and solving their problems. With our guidance, our clients happily and confidently lead their projects in collaboration with us as process designers and facilitators. 

THE RESULTS WE WANT: A sustainable change on behalf of root-cause problem-solving. 

This is the most powerful aspect of our work. Each imbalance in an organization has a root cause. When we are able to diagnose what is underlying an issue, we achieve a deeper understanding, lasting results, full productivity, and higher performance. 


WHAT WE ACHIEVE: Aligned, effective organizations.

We work to enhance effectiveness through increased organization performance and individual development. We align organizations with their internal workforce and the rapidly changing and complex external environments, and leave them with the skills and tools for future replication. 

HOW WE DO IT: OD best practices.

We help leaders and their executive teams to gain clarity and alignment of their vision and current state, then guide them through the strategy, planning, and execution of change initiatives to get them to their goals.

Is your team aligned?

Whether you have a specific issue that you're grappling with, or simply wondering if your current plan is within best practices, we are happy to offer a complimentary 1-hour consultation to review and push up your thinking and action. Why? Because we love what we do. And you should too.


I would not hesitate to recommend her.

I have worked with Angela Schmitt on many organization development projects. For each, she played a significant role in diagnosing the current state. She brought wonderful insight and rigor to the process, as well as a spirit of partnership and collaboration. She clearly has a depth of understanding of organizational dynamics, as well as an engaging spirit of inquiry that meaningfully added value to our work with the client. And she was extraordinarily reliable as well. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

— K.M.

Angela was instrumental in defining our solution!

"Throughout the duration of our project, Angela displayed a deep understanding of our evolving problem. In our client interactions, Angela was very clear and personable in her facilitation. She consistently helped us to clarify our priorities, and she was instrumental in defining a practical solution, meeting our needs as the client. Overall, Angela is an absolute pleasure to work with and would be a great asset for any client."

— S.H.

Looking for your next team offsite?

If you are a business-minded, heart-centered company, learn Reiki at your next offsite. 

Great for teams and organizations looking for a fun, yet meaningful way to
build relationships, gain understanding, and explore themselves.
You'll be amazed by the shift in team dynamics, communication, and problem-solving.