About Angela

Angela Schmitt is a Development Leader for individuals and organizations alike.

Holding two Master's Degrees in Organization Development and Reiki, Angela strikes the unique balance between left and right brain, bringing human connection to organizations and practicality to the healing arts. She provides a bridge between the head and the heart that allows her clients to explore their own unknown territory in a profound, yet safe and palatable way.

The Work

From CEO’s to children, she specializes in helping her clients get to the root of their problems and shift them from there, instead of only treating surface-level symptoms that temporarily mask the real issue. Dependent on the context- be it a organization problem, individual behavior, overwhelming feeling, or personal illness- her approach will vary among her three modalities: Personal Development, Organization Development, and Reiki & Shamanism.

Angela approaches each with transparency, curiosity, responsibility, and presence, and she expects the same of her colleagues, clients, friends, and family.


When we are able to diagnose what is underlying an issue, we achieve a deeper, lasting and sustainable result. We give power back to our clients, so they can be as successful as possible, however they define success.
— Angela Schmitt


Current Service Projects

Larkin Street Youth Services
Reiki Teacher

“For 30 years, Larkin Street Youth Services has built a robust continuum of care to help homeless youth get off the streets. They are a pioneer in the field and their achievements are significant:  there is no other agency in San Francisco—and few nationwide—to offer a similar breadth of services with comparable results.”

I am continually impressed by the professionalism of the LSYS staff and the caliber of their services. The 3,000 youth that annually pass through their doors are bright and dedicated individuals, and I feel humbled to work with such an organization.

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Lava Mae

“Bringing humanity, innovation, and collaboration to the way services are provided to those experiencing homelessness, Lava Mae seeks to serve those who lack access to what should be basic human rights – showers and sanitation. 
Delivered with an unexpected level of care, what we call ‘radical hospitality,’ Lave Mae restores dignity, rekindles optimism, and fuels a sense of opportunity to people moving through homelessness."

If you haven’t seen the way they've converted old city buses into portable showers and toilets, I encourage you to check them out!

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